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Membership Criteria

Innovators Alliance seeks members who:

  • Have a minimum of 5 full time employees.
  • Are CEOs or chief decision-makers.
  • Are dedicated to growth through innovation.

All members will share, at least once each year, ways that they practice innovation in their company. This will be a 20 – 40 minute presentation during the chapter meeting.

Innovators Alliance is designed to support the needs of CEOs and entrepreneurs who have achieved a certain degree of growth in their companies, but could benefit from fellow business leaders who recognize the need to innovate for the next stage of growth.

How To Apply

  1. Fill out the membership application form.
  2. Email the form to [email protected] .
  3. We will contact you regarding your application in 1 business day.

Membership Breakdown

member-breakdownInnovative companies are not limited to scientific or technical sectors who build laboratories or testing centres to develop new products. Our membership represents all industry sectors.

Our membership breakdown indicates that no matter what business you are in, generating new ideas, conducting R&D, improving process, or revamping products and services will increase competitiveness. And that applies to all business sectors.

Member Meetings

Chapter Meetings

Monthly Chapter meetings offer members an opportunity to share ideas, discuss strategic issues, and present Innovation Journey milestones. Engage in open, free, and honest discussion at the highest level of corporate decision-making.

Power Meetings

These popular special events offer excellent networking opportunities and high entertainment value. Previous Power Meetings have featured speakers like Jeremy Gutsche, Jeff Rubin, Joseph Doria, and Frank McKenna.

Check out one of our upcoming events near you to meet members, ask questions, and start your innovation journey!

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