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Every member of Innovators Alliance has achieved significant growth in their business and is looking to unleash its potential further. Business-to-business networking gives our members the connections and feedback they need to achieve success.

Why Join Innovators Alliance?

Monthly Local Chapter Meetings

Innovators Alliance members help one another identify new advancements and seize opportunities to unleash growth.

We meet monthly for a confidential discussion of our business challenges. We discuss ideas and new ways to resolve common problems. Over the three hour meetings, we share ways we practice innovation in our companies – whether it be new product developments or simply new practices that have impacted the bottom line.

The power of what we do lies in the openness each member brings to the table. We share the ‘dirty little secrets’ of building a business. We learn from one another’s successes – and sometimes from the failures.

Engaging in open, free, and honest discussion at the highest level of corporate decision-making, our members enjoy unique benefits that can be difficult to find outside of our organization.

Attend a chapter meeting as our guest to see first-hand the benefits of joining our business-to-business group!

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Capitalize on the power of your innovative peers.

Members of Innovators Alliance build strong trust relationships with their peers.

As a CEO or business owner, you are faced with unique challenges and decisions every day. Enjoy the freedom to openly discuss your organization’s successes and hurdles with a group of CEOs, Presidents, and COOs who understand what it’s like to be at the top. Gain access to your peers’ innovative practices, experience, and knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to seek – in confidence – advice and ideas to resolve the challenges you are facing. Each Alliance member has hands-on experience in high-performing international companies.

World Class System of Innovation

On average, our members increase revenues by 119%. How?

Implementing change takes careful consideration and, ultimately, time.

Designed by a globally renowned leader in innovation, our proprietary Innovation Journey™ helps members:

  1. Organize innovation into achievable milestones
  2. Implement change as efficiently and easily as possible
  3. Stay on track with the encouragement and support of peers
  4. Access the resources and sponsor services they need to keep moving forward

Accountability for Innovation

First, we help members achieve innovation through a peer mentoring process. Then we ask them to share ways that they practice innovation in their company.

Members are required to do an Innovation Journey™ presentation to their peers at least once each year during a chapter meeting.

In this way, we hold members accountable to be looking for ways to innovate. And we enjoy the opportunity to learn from one another!

Support and Expertise of Our Sponsors

Our sponsors have proven to be a valuable resource for our members. Their expertise and core competencies provide our members with answers, resources, and tools that growing companies require.

Whether it’s about finance, legal, HR, import, export, sales, or marketing, our sponsors provide guest speakers at our Chapter meetings that can address current business concerns and help solve problems.

Business Growth and Profits

We take the innovations that we discuss at the networking meetings and apply them in our individual businesses.

Sometimes what a company does in one business sector is a significant shift – a true innovation – when applied in another sector. For most of us, when we apply these ideas and innovations, we realize exceptional profits and achieve new growth.

Special Business Networking Events

We host large events several times per year, including the Evening with Innovators and Fresh Thinking Shared.

These popular special events offer excellent networking opportunities, high entertainment value, and expert keynote speakers.

Previously we have featured speakers like Jeremy Gutsche, Jeff Rubin, Joseph Doria, and Frank McKenna.

FAQs about Innovators Alliance

Where are your local chapters?

We have seven chapters throughout Ontario:

  1. Barrie
  2. Halton
  3. London
  4. Mississauga
  5. Toronto (Downtown)
  6. Toronto West
  7. York Region

What industries are your members from?

Innovative companies are not limited to scientific or technical sectors who build laboratories or testing centers to develop new products.

Our membership breakdown indicates that no matter what business you are in, generating new ideas, conducting R&D, improving process, or revamping products and services will increase competitiveness. And that applies to all business sectors.

Are you a non-profit?


Can I attend a chapter meeting before I decide if I want to join?

Yes – please attend a chapter meeting near you to see what our business networking group is all about. As our guest, there is no fee or obligation.

Click here to request an invitation!

How do I become a member?

If you’re a CEO or chief decision-maker at your company and want to achieve growth through innovation, we’d love to welcome you to our network.

Click here to get the registration form and details about becoming a member!

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