What Are Members Saying about Innovators Alliance?

It's been 10 ten years since we joined the Alliance and I have to say, we've grown tremendously since then. The straight up advice and genuine care I've received from my Chapter-mates has been invaluable for our growth path especially now as we grow and expand around the world. I'm looking forward to sharing even more ideas, innovative practices, successes and some learnings - an investment of time and commitment well worth it!

Sharron Gilbert

– Kitchener Waterloo Chapter Member, Septimatech Group Inc.

Innovators Alliance has helped me better manage and grow my business because of the environment of trust that is built up within the peer-to-peer meetings. My chapter members are intelligent and always prepared to voice their opinions on subjects that are concerning to me. The advice received is very valuable, but being able to express the most serious, most troubling issues to a supportive group of people who I trust is also very, very helpful. The CEO role is lonely, but it doesn't have to be.

Peter Allen

– Kitchener Waterloo Chapter Member, Electrical Contracts Limited

I have learned so many solutions specific to the issue we were experiencing at a particular stage of our growth. The meetings and interactions are just as valuable now as when I joined in 2007. Frankly, no matter what combination of business maturity and revenue growth you've achieved, I can't imagine why you wouldn't become a member of Innovators Alliance.

P.J. Ferguson

– Halton Chapter, ABL Employment

In my industry innovation is what it's ALL about. It doesn't matter if we're coming up with new products, finding ways to make existing products more efficiently or developing new ways to create a better supply chain... it's all innovation. The mentorship provided by my Chapter-mates has been so real and so bang-on that I can't imagine growing as quickly without it!

Bud Morris

– Markham Chapter Member, Canada's Best Store Fixtures Inc.

Innovators Alliance has a unique tool - the "Innovation Journey" - which helps companies craft their Innovation strategy, focus innovation efforts on the areas of greatest return, and keep aligned on this quest for innovation. In our company, the "Innovation Journey" helped us understand which areas of Innovation yielded the highest return on staff time, and kept us focused on innovation despite the frequent day to day distractions and challenges that every business faces. The results for us have been a 20% sales increase, better cash flow, and heightened appreciation by staff throughout the company of the importance of innovation.

Steve McGowan

– Markham Chapter Member, Matias Corporation