Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets quarterly and is comprised of Members and Sponsors. Meet the current Board:

PJ Ferguson

PJ Ferguson – Chair

ABL Employment

PJ Ferguson is Founder and President of ABL Employment. ABL has grown from a single office in 1999 to now 13 offices across Ontario and B.C. 2016 saw the launch of the newest division of ABL called ABL Careers, which focuses primarily on administrative and call centre staffing with a variety of unique hiring plans for higher end placements.

PJ has been nominated for the RBC Entrepreneur of the Year Award twice and has made the Profit W100 list of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs for the last 11 years. ABL Employment has appeared multiple times on the ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Canadian Business Magazine with a 5 year growth consistently over 200%.

ABL has thrived due to a commitment to continuous analysis and innovation, and has been recognized for innovation in the areas of social media presence, business model, and cultural approach.

PJ has been a member of Innovators Alliance since 2007 and starting in 2016 moved into the position of Chairperson of the Board of Directors.


Simon Feddema – Treasurer

Grundfos Canada

Grundfos is the largest pump manufacturer in the world, selling product in domestic, commercial, municipal, and industrial applications. The company started to sell to Canada in 1984, establishing a dedicated sales company for Canadian sales, service, and marketing in 1992. Simon Feddema was a key member of this new company as the Finance Manager, and became the President in 2003.

Since 2003, Grundfos Canada has grown its sales with a compounded growth of 10% annually, establishing its business in new markets and growing its team to over 85 individuals with the goal of providing solutions and quality products for customers.


John Ulcar

CrossLink Technology Inc.

John is a graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours B.Sc., has earned a post-graduate degree from McMaster University with C.Dir., and has the Toxic Substance Reduction Planner License from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. He is also a Designated Official for the Controlled Goods Security Plan (meets the requirements of the U.S. 2011 ITAR).

He is a cofounder and President of Crosslink Technology Inc. and is very involved in industry organizations. He has been the Chairman of the ERF (Epoxy Resin Formulators) Committee for SPI in Washington DC, as well as a founder and President of the TRFA (Thermoset Resin Formulators Association) in Chicago IL. John has given presentations to the ERF Division of SPI, to the TRFA, and to PMA and CUMA. He also holds two U.S. patents.


Sharron Gilbert

Septimatech Group Inc.

Sharron Gilbert is the President and CEO of Septimatech Group Inc. Septimatech is a leading provider of quick change container handling products and solutions for packaging machines and conveyors. Septimatech serves customers globally with efficient changeover products for quick, repeatable machine and line performance. It is a full service, innovative manufacturer of custom engineered solutions for new and existing equipment. Septimatech prides itself on proven performance in every packaging change.


Steve McGowan


Steve McGowan is the cofounder of Matias, a manufacturer of computer keyboards most known for its high-end mechanical keyboards, assistive technology keyboards, slim aluminum keyboards, and ergonomic keyboards. Steve is a Chartered Professional Accountant, with a B.Com. degree from the University of Toronto and a M.Sc. degree from the London School of Economics. He joined Innovators Alliance in 2008, and is an enthusiastic proponent of continual learning and innovation.

Ben Molfetta

Core Online Marketing

Ben Molfetta is a co-founder of Core Online Marketing, a company that specializes in helping small and mid-sized businesses grow through the strategic use of online marketing.

Ben graduated from McMaster University in 1984 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Marketing.

He spent eighteen years in the information technology industry, including fourteen years with NCR Corporation in sales, sales management and marketing management, with a three-year assignment at NCR’s World Headquarters in Dayton, Ohio as International Marketing Manager.

After leaving NCR, Ben spent four years running two start-up technology companies before co-founding Core in 2004.

Ben is the past Chair of the Program Advisory Committee for Sheridan College’s Post-Graduate Marketing Program, and developed and taught the Online Marketing course for this program.

He is also past Chair of the Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters Halton.

Ben joined Innovators Alliance in 2015.



It's been 10 ten years since we joined the Alliance and I have to say, we've grown tremendously since then. The straight up advice and genuine care I've received from my Chapter-mates has been invaluable for our growth path especially now as we grow and expand around the world. I'm looking forward to sharing even more... Read More

Sharron Gilbert – Kitchener Waterloo Chapter Member
Septimatech Group Inc.



Innovators Alliance has helped me better manage and grow my business because of the environment of trust that is built up within the peer-to-peer meetings. My chapter members are intelligent and always prepared to voice their opinions on subjects that are concerning to me. The advice received is very valuable, but... Read More

Peter Allen – Kitchener Waterloo Chapter Member
Electrical Contracts Limited



I have learned so many solutions specific to the issue we were experiencing at a particular stage of our growth. The meetings and interactions are just as valuable now as when I joined in 2007. Frankly, no matter what combination of business maturity and revenue growth you've achieved, I can't imagine why you wouldn't... Read More

P.J. Ferguson – Halton Chapter
ABL Employment



In my industry innovation is what it's ALL about. It doesn't matter if we're coming up with new products, finding ways to make existing products more efficiently or developing new ways to create a better supply chain... it's all innovation. The mentorship provided by my Chapter-mates has been so real and so bang-on... Read More

Bud Morris – Markham Chapter Member
Canada's Best Store Fixtures Inc.



Innovators Alliance has a unique tool - the "Innovation Journey" - which helps companies craft their Innovation strategy, focus innovation efforts on the areas of greatest return, and keep aligned on this quest for innovation. In our company, the "Innovation Journey" helped us understand which areas of Innovation... Read More

Steve McGowan – Markham Chapter Member
Matias Corporation