About Innovators Alliance

A Network of CEOs Fostering Profitable Business Innovation

We are a peer-to-peer group of CEOs who believe in driving business growth through innovation. Every member of Innovators Alliance has achieved significant growth in their business and is looking to unleash its potential further with new business practices.

We foster commitment to growth through innovation by training in new innovations, introducing fresh ideas, and providing peer support for every business challenge.

Our members recognize that innovation is not limited to one area. It may include:

  • New or improved products
  • More efficient processes
  • New delivery mechanisms
  • Customer service strategies
  • New business models

Whatever the innovation, our members know it involves creating or improving resources, processes, or services to drive fundamental shifts in a business – for more growth.

In every one of our seven chapters across Ontario, our members meet – CEO to CEO – to explore new ways to adapt to the changing business landscape. We learn from one another’s experiences. And we share our knowledge.

Are You an Innovator?

In your company…

  • Do you encourage risk-taking?
  • What happens when someone fails?
  • Are new projects regularly funded?

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